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Wednesday, 2nd December 2009

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Friday, December 4, 2009

The Role Of GPS Vehicle Tracking In Fleet Management

The arrival of the GPS or Global Positioning Satellite Systems and the integration of this technology into an Internet based real time tracking system has forever changed the landscape of Fleet Management.

The Fleet Manager now has all the tools needed to properly monitor all the vehicles along with events previously unknown such as unsafe driver habits such as speeding, swerving, making unauthorized stops and not passing through the recommended routes. All this is possible in close to real time!

All vehicles can be seen together, or in groups. Arrival and departure in predesignated way points are all available to the fleet manager.

From a dearth of data about vehicle movement, the fleet manager is now faced with an avalanche of data.

Thus, when evaluating GPS Asset Tracking systems, it is important to give a close look at the user interface and the flexibility of the system as far as handling current data is concerned. The ease by which the system can accommodate future data is likewise an important consideration.

The sponsors of this bog, Philtrack , affordable and advanced vehicle tracking systems is especially proud of their software interface as it is essentially future proof and extremely flexible. Moreover, Philtrack is fast gaining a reputation as a dynamic company that is very responsive and attentive to client needs.

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  1. gps for fleet management not only used by commercial fleet operators but also for transit agencies like car agencies use for such purpose as: scheduling and maintenance, displaying changes of destination and monitoring location of car.

  2. Fleet Management Systems offers mobile hardware devices, cellular data communications, GPS tracking and internet-based services to create integrated systems for the remote management of movable vehicles. Exotrac offers the latest Yard Management solutions with high functionality and speed at an economical price. Provides real time trailerpooldata, asset visibility and reporting tools for storage yards while increasing productivity and security.


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